Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spring has arrived!

Since yesterday it's officially springtime! Feel like I have to drag out my summer clothes and soak up every ray of sun I can. I think it's supposed to stay sunny on the weekend, but one never knows.

In celebration of this good weather I am skipping a video editing tutorial at school (I would like to learn it, but just too exhausted from rushing through my sales assignment, which is due today. Feel very guilty about letting this opportunity slip by) and stay home instead looking out on trees in bloom. Yay! Might leave early for class and just sit outside for a bit.

Hope everyone is enjoying their springtime!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Back to school

Today, on this glorious sunny day, it's back to school for me. Or more precisely, back to school at 9.30, then running out of the lesson heading over to an interview with a packager for a Friday placement. And then potentially back to class, depending on when I get out. I'm a moron. I feel totally and completely exhausted. I survived last weeks placement fine, but then basically slept all of Saturday and didn't start my assignment till Sunday and it is due this Thursday. Didn't even get half way done. Now instead of taking it easy I swop my free Fridays for work Fridays. Let's just hope that in the long run it will improve my employability and score me a job sooner so I don't have to go mental over the summer. 

Otherwise things have been great. Temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius. The mornings are still chilly, but then the sun is shining and temps are rising. Lovely! Might sneak out this or the next weekend to Kew Gardens with a friend. That should be lovely.

Right, I better hit the shower and start this madness!