Sunday, 13 December 2009


Finally there. And there is snow! Lots of it. Though according to my favorite Canadian it is not a whole lot at all. Hmm. We'll just agree to disagree on that one.

I am still tired from flying and am a bit jet-legged. But I hope that it will be gone by tomorrow. Today I went for a swim and we drove around the block for a bit. Picked up some things from the drug store and had a quick look around the mall.

But tomorrow will be reserved for real shopping. No other plans so far, but I am sure there will be lots to do!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Last day of work post

Tomorrow is my last day of work before the holidays! I can't wait to get it over and done with. Saturday I will get swept away to Canada. Can't wait for that either. BF's Dad sent over some pics and it is snowing. Awesome! Might actually have a white Christmas this year.

I think our flight leaves at noon. But for some reason we 'have' to be at the airport three hours before the flight leaves. So, the plans seems to be to leave at 6am. Uh, I am not convinced. But hey, then I get to hang out at the airport. Get some nice breakfast. Buy some tax-free alcohol (as presents obvs not for myself ;-)

Should be two lazy weeks ahead. Though I am planning to take my bathing suit and possibly get some swimming done. Hm, might keep off some of the holiday pounds. I guess Canadian Christmas food will be delicious. Hoping for lots and lots of it.

Now I need to be off and get some things organised. Though the actual packing won't start till tomorrow after work. Doing everything last minute!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Getting to grips with Word

Hurray, after trying for hours yesterday I finally got my Japanese scripts up and running. Not that I can do that much with it at this moment. But I do want to type up some vocab sheets. That will make studying that much easier. I hate reading my own handwriting, and having to read it and study from it is just a horror. I hope this way I will get to enjoy memorising and learning new words more.

Anyway, a happy bunny is going to try out her new toy now! ;-)

Friday, 4 December 2009

A NON-Weekend Post

This is very exciting. Finally I manage to get in a post that is not on the weekend. Though, I guess since it is Friday evening I am cheating just a little bit. Thats' okay though. This week was actually really exciting, so I feel that I have something interesting to say.

Monday evening I finally got to see Twilight:New Moon with a friend of mine. I was so excited when it came out and then it took so long for me to go. Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. It was done much better than the first, everything looked more professional and like they had more money to burn. Weirdly enough I liked the first one better. Maybe because everything was all looking a bit cheap and the mood was much darker in the first. In New Moon everything was glowing a bit orangey/reddish while Twilight was all in blue and bland colors. That drew me in much more. Plus, the storyline of New Moon was technically darker, so I thought they should have used the darker palette there instead. But oh well. I just thought I would like number two better because that was one of my favorite books in the series. I just love the werewolf/Jacob storyline.
Speaking of Jacob. First time he stepped up I was all 'Holy Jeebus, somebody beefed up'. He looks HUGE compared to how he was before. No complaints there. But I didn't like that he cut his hair. Was that really necessary??? I know, I know it's in the book, but the long hair just suited him really well. I thought it actually made him look older... But enough of Monday.

Moving on to Tuesday. I was off and got to lay in a bit. Which I just loooooooove doing. Rest of the day was spent out in Angel shopping and in the evening I had my Japanese class. The last in this term. I thought we had gotten away without a test this time. But behold, of course in the last half hour, there it was. Uh, I did really bad. So I guess my Christmas break should really be filled with some quality studying time. Weirdly enough I am looking forward to that. I wanted to concentrate on learning vocab. I don't have all the grammar down, but mainly I am struggling with remembering all the words. So I figured learning a lot of verbs and adjectives might be the way to go. I will just build the grammar around that. Kanji is another big thing. We are not learning them in class but I would really love to learn at least some. Wanted to get a study book, but I just cannot find the right one in stores. Might have to do an order on Amazon, though I really, really do not want to do that. I just always end up getting much more than I should, and there are still about a dozen books on my desk waiting to be read. Anyway, after class we headed out to a pub to have a drink. That was really nice, I had never done that before because I am usually beat. Might have to do that more often now. Hmmm. Last thing in class was a presentation about wine tasting and the guy who did it brought in three different bottles of red wine. Tasted those. They were really good. I felt a bit tipsy after those tiny glasses. LOL. Wine just gets me. Makes me feel sick and tired. But I like the taste. Cannot help myself. Should really say no. So that was another late evening.

Wednesday was really uneventful. Hurray! So let's skip to Thursday. Went to a pub to meet up with a birthday girl. Guess there were about a dozen people. Had a really good time (and a couple of ciders). Just did not like my early morning Friday. Honestly, I just wanted to close my eyes at work today and snore through it. That's usually not how it goes down on a Friday. But in the afternoon it got really hard to keep my eyes open. I guess I am just getting old. Long evenings and working all day just do not agree with me any more (hm, long working hours have never agreed with me). But I survived! So now I am sitting here, nursing my tea and writing a blog that nobody reads. Love my life ;-)

But I really missed reading all the blogs on my blogroll. Planning on catching up now. Have to make another tea for that. Getting really addicted to them. So here's a shout out to all the lovely bloggers, who care to share their life with the world. We love you!

Let's all have a great weekend!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Another weekend post

This weekend was nice and slow. Slept in on Saturday. The weather was dreadful anyway. I didn't even notice how late it was because it was still so dark. Breakfast consisted of Chinese leftover. That was not as yummy as I thought it would be. But it was convenient so I am not complaining (plus a certain someone brought it to me in bed, so another reason not to complain). Did some cleaning during the day. Nothing major, just the dishes and the kitchen top. Stove is nice and shiny now though.
Did a quick grocery run to store. Picked up all the wrong foods. But at least the noodles were wholemeal. Dinner then consisted of said pasta with pesto and rocket. I guess that was not so bad after all.
Unfortunately I had to work today. I do not really mind Sunday work, but I just hate missing a day I could spend with my bf. Well, he is taking Tuesday off, so at least we will have that day together. Did a quick call to my grandpa tonight. He is doing fine. It would have been my grandma's birthday yesterday. So we all like to check in with grandpa and see that he is doing fine. My cousins were all there yesterday and today my parents went over there for breakfast. In the afternoon his neighbors came over and entertained him. He is starting a new routine. I think that is really good for him. He needs to do things. He is thinking about coming over to London to visit and see the museums. I am all for that. I bet my dad would love to go with him. We'll see how that goes. One step at a time.
Hm, more work tomorrow. Cannot wait for day off on Tuesday. Love those days. Might make it to the barber shop then. But I doubt it. Just too lazy for that...
Speaking of lazy. Will go make a nice cuppa now and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Which blogs are you thankful for?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Weekend Post

Had an exciting weekend. I went down to Headcorn to a bridal shop. A friend is getting married and I got to see her dress choices. That was really cool. Didn't think at first that I would enjoy that. But because I did not have to change into anything it was actually a lot of fun. It's just me and shopping for clothes. Absolutely hate it. All the trying on is just no fun. But making somebody else do it makes the whole experience fun.

She picked a really nice one. Looks very sophisticated. No big white meringue poof ball. But a tight fitting, off-white dress.

Today then was spent going to the movies. I watched the Informant with Matt Damon. A very different film. I enjoyed it. But sometimes you just wanted to punch the main guy in the face. Matt Damon was hilarious though. His facial expressions are priceless. Even though I usually don't really like him.

Anyway, now going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunny Sunday

I made it out to the haberdashery near Angel today. Was a really cute and small store. I had a chat with the salesperson about which needles to take. I thought since I haven't done anything for years (I could almost say decades), I figured there may be some needles good for beginners. But he said any needle size will be fine. So I opted for a 4.5mm because it seemed a good medium needle. Very versatile. I might of course be completely wrong.

Anyway, here it is. I LOVE these needles. They feel really good to hold because they are wood. Not too slippery and of course they don't tend to get cold like metallic needles sometimes do.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to start this whole thing. I remember vaguely doing it as a child. But I am sure there will be some helpful online resources to get me started.

I opted to only get one color of yarn. I figured I will just play around with that and see how it goes. Once I get confident with my (lack of) knitting skills I will purchase another color and probably start knitting a scarf. I love scarves! And they are probably the easiest thing to start with.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Friday, 13 November 2009

Weekend ahead

Big plans for the weekend. I managed to pick up a mic today. The plan is to record some audio and possibly do an audio post. But let's not get ahead of myself. First I need to understand a lot more tech gibberish...
Wish me luck!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Nice Sunday Stroll

Today was a pretty lazy day. Just wandered about the city a bit. And ended up in Japan Centre. One of my favorite places! I was actually looking for a book to learn Kanji. But I couldn't find the one I wanted. I forgot what it was called but it basically teaches you the first 100 essential Kanjis. I might have to get that on Amazon now. Though I am a bit annoyed with that because of all the postal strikes going on here.

But ending up at the Japan Centre meant Sushi for lunch. Just bought a whole lot that will also last me for dinner.

I also got this amazing Matcha/Melon bun. Just tastes soooooooo good. Is now the right time to mention that I am supposed to be on a diet and not eat that much sugar!?!? Ah, but it was so worth it.

I also got some classic Wii Remotes in black. Pretty sleek. Have to try them out today. So the rest of the day will probably be spent on fighting the bad guys. I am just not very good with the Nunchuk. It keeps slipping in my hands which makes playing games really annoying. So I am looking forward to playing my games with a classic controller. Now would also be the time to think about purchasing Virtual Console games. Finally will be able to play all the classics from my SNES days. Oh Nintendo, why o why did you introduce the stupid star/point system. There must have been an easier way...


Last night I went to Tower Hamlets to see the fireworks in Victoria Park. It was really amazing. They had a pyro-show together with the fireworks display. At first I thought it was kinda lame but it quickly grew on me. They had the fire spit out in tune with the music they were playing. All songs had to do with fire. The one that stuck out most was 'Sex on Fire' by Kings of Leon. Turned out to be a really cool idea. And I think they used it as breaks in between the fireworks to give the smoke a chance to clear a bit. Otherwise it would have been really hard to see the whole display properly.
And yes, it was nice and cold and no rain. Only when we were heading home did it start to drizzle a bit. But I wasn't worried about that. We also managed to get some mulled wine which made me really happy. It means the Christmas season has officially started. At least in my book.
I did not take my camera. So there are no pictures. But they would have probably not turned out nicely anyway. Fireworks are great. But with my older camera it would have been only blurs. I think the coolest fireworks were the ones that looked like they were shooting gold rain/sparks into the sky. Really beautiful. And they had some new ones I had never seen before. They almost looked like white feathers falling from the sky. Awesome!
Anyway, I am warming to the whole bonfire night idea. Definitely looking forward to next year!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Remember, remember

It's not the 5th of November, I realise that, but we are going to see fireworks today. I hope it will be nice and cold. Which would mean no rain please.
Alright, here we go. My first post. This is just to test my layout. So nothing exciting.