Sunday, 29 May 2011

Crazy Spring

Tons has happened in the last 6 weeks. Since I am a bit lazy I will be doing a quick update in bullet points:

  • The packager took it's time and I had to go back for a second interview (for an unpaid work placement) in May. But that went well and I was supposed to start last Friday (reason why I did not start see below).
  • Uni was crazy. The first two weeks in May I had all my final presentations and group projects due. Over the Easter week basically all I was doing was research and typing up assignments, making PowerPoints and other fun stuff.
  • What made those last two weeks in class even more crazy was the fact that despite my better judgment I applied to five jobs over the Easter week. I panicked a bit because some  people already got jobs on my course and most of them had started applying. So even though I wanted to wait till June to start the application nightmare, I fired off five applications to jobs I really wanted. And surprise, surprise, I got invited to three interviews! That had never happened! It was all great and fun, but it meant that I couldn't commit to group work as much as I liked. But my group was great and picked up all my slack while I was off interviewing or preparing for interviews. All three of them were right in the last week where we had our most important projects due. One job I didn't get (though the interview was fun, my interviewer had her dog in the office and he was a cutie!), one I got after the first interview and for the other one I had to go to a second interview. But that was the one I really wanted. And I got it in the end! Yay! Never in a million years would I have thought I would get a job before finishing my degree. So then I had to do something I had never done before in my life: I called the first job and turned it down. Weird.
  • The job I ended up taking wanted me to start straight away. So I spent the last weekend finishing off assignments. Crazy busy. I don't think that they are any good, but I handed them in on Monday and was able to start on Tuesday. It's nice to only concentrate on work and not have to worry about uni.
  • That said, I still have to write a dissertation. Not sure how to handle that with full-time work, but I'll figure something out.
Now you are pretty much caught up. I was pretty concentrated on uni and getting a job the last few weeks. And I think it paid off nicely. 

Now I want to relax a bit and just hang out. The last few weeks I went to a few birthday parties (including my own ;-)  which was really nice. It's weird, because I go straigth to a job from uni, I did not have any downtime, or time to figure things out. Now I just have to find a new rhythm again. But I'm very excited!!! 

Already went out clothes shopping. It's so nice to know that there is a paycheck waiting for me at the end of the month. And another nice thing is that I got this job before I ran out of all my savings. I feel very lucky with how things have turned out.

Things will probably still be pretty busy with work and dissertation looming. But I'm gonna enjoy it. Now I'm just hoping that I will get through probation fine and then there is no stopping me!