Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ping Pong

Couple of weeks ago bf and I ended up at Ping Pong. It's a chain of Chinese Dim Sum restaurants. I really like them. I think their decor is really tasteful and I love their dishes. Besides the dishes, they have a really nice selection of drinks.

Flowering tea: I can't get over this one. It's just too beautiful. Almost a shame to drink it. I think you get free top-ups, but then the taste fades.

Another nice drink. Cranberry juice with an infusion of spices and goji berries. They literally hang a teabag into the glass with the spices. The goji berries are inside the glass. It tasted soooo good. Now, if the weather would be nicer and would taste even better. But we were there on a rainy day...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Museum of London

I'm very proud of myself as I managed to leave the house this weekend and do something useful. Well, maybe not useful but I went to a museum and enjoyed it!

I went to the Museum of London with a friend. Both of us had been complaining how we live in a great city but never actually go see any of its attractions or make use of any of the cultural activities happening every day. So this weekend we went ot the Museum of London.

It was very cool. Lots of old maps showing how the city developed. Plenty of artifacts and things to touch and see. To be honest I didn't pay that much attention to the historical facts, I just enjoyed being out and 'learning' new things. The museum is in a pretty interesting part of town. It's built where the former wall was in the actual City of London. There are lots of walkways, old and new buildings. The levels of the streets are changing and sometimes and feels a bit like a maze. I really love it though.

Modern glass buildings all over the place.

 Some seem to be build upon old foundations and stone.

 A room that was comletely covered in a map of London including the ceiling and floor. Some parts were framed and sticking out.

Replica of the London Eye. Really cool. That reminds me that I should still go on the real one. Nah, one of these days...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The End

This year's E3 just ended and I spend some time catching up on the most important (to me) games and hardware that was announced. 
It totally put me in the mood to replay one of my favourite games. Secret of Mana. I do not have an iphone/pad, so I could not play the newer, prettier version. But the old one was just as I remembered. Very nostalgic, loved it!

It's too bad that once you play through something you can never have that first play-through again. Of course the same goes for films and books. I wish I could watch the Lord of the Rings again for the first time or read all the Harry Potter books again for the first time. 
Anyway, have to hop into the shower now and get ready to go out and brave the rain. Going out shopping. Yay! The bf leaves on a business trip on Tuesday. He needs to pick up some stuff and maybe I'll find something nice for myself ;-)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The big fox

Randomly saw this in the street.

Overall last week was quiet at work. My boss is on holiday so I did not have that much to do. She'll be back in two weeks and I'm hoping that I will be given more responsibilities then. But till then I take it easy.
Met up with a friend from Germany on Monday. Was really nice to catch up. I graduated from High School with her but hadn't seen her in years. Had some nice Thai food and then some coffee. Good stuff.

Friday I went out with a couple of friends from Uni. We ended up crashing my bf and his workmates drinks out. Was good fun. Ended the night at a Japanese restaurant and had some ramen. Yummy. Forgot to take pictures though. Sorry.

Today I was supposed to work on my dissertation. Maybe later. Just had a message from another friend from Germany, again someone I graduated with from High School, who will be in London from tomorrow. Might meet up with him then. That will be three in about as many weeks. Did I miss something or is London becoming the new weekend trip town? Weird.

Anyway, off to fix more tea and hydrate my body...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Spring awakening

Technically spring is almost over. My favourite blooming time has passed as well. But I managed to take a couple of shots of the blue trees/bushes again. I love them. There should be more flowers blooming blue. In the area I live in there are tons of those plants.

Mixed in with some dark red flowers. Pretty!!!

London is going through some weird weather at the moment. One day it's sunny and nice, the next it will be windy, rainy and cold. Goes back and forth all the time. I wish we would have proper summer soon.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Coffee and Cheeeeesecake...

So I decided that the working life is pretty good. Have been spending the weekend hanging out with a friend, drinking lots of coffee and eating cake. Technically I haven't been paid yet, but I already like spending the money. Figured I treat myself this month and from the next one I will see how to wisely spend my money.

Put till then there will be lots of coffee and cake!

 I found this really nice cafe that is pretty close to my uni. Cannot believe I did not notice it until I left! Will have to go back there often. The tables are really rustique and then they have this regal theme going on with lots of red and purple, candles, chandeliers, golden chairs, and they play very dramatic classical music in the background. Amazing!

(Ok, so this coffee I actually had in April on the London Book Fair, but it represents all the other coffees I bought this weekend.)