Saturday, 11 June 2011

The big fox

Randomly saw this in the street.

Overall last week was quiet at work. My boss is on holiday so I did not have that much to do. She'll be back in two weeks and I'm hoping that I will be given more responsibilities then. But till then I take it easy.
Met up with a friend from Germany on Monday. Was really nice to catch up. I graduated from High School with her but hadn't seen her in years. Had some nice Thai food and then some coffee. Good stuff.

Friday I went out with a couple of friends from Uni. We ended up crashing my bf and his workmates drinks out. Was good fun. Ended the night at a Japanese restaurant and had some ramen. Yummy. Forgot to take pictures though. Sorry.

Today I was supposed to work on my dissertation. Maybe later. Just had a message from another friend from Germany, again someone I graduated with from High School, who will be in London from tomorrow. Might meet up with him then. That will be three in about as many weeks. Did I miss something or is London becoming the new weekend trip town? Weird.

Anyway, off to fix more tea and hydrate my body...

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