Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ping Pong

Couple of weeks ago bf and I ended up at Ping Pong. It's a chain of Chinese Dim Sum restaurants. I really like them. I think their decor is really tasteful and I love their dishes. Besides the dishes, they have a really nice selection of drinks.

Flowering tea: I can't get over this one. It's just too beautiful. Almost a shame to drink it. I think you get free top-ups, but then the taste fades.

Another nice drink. Cranberry juice with an infusion of spices and goji berries. They literally hang a teabag into the glass with the spices. The goji berries are inside the glass. It tasted soooo good. Now, if the weather would be nicer and would taste even better. But we were there on a rainy day...


  1. Yuuuuum, dim sum! Haven't done dim sum in forever, now i gotta see if there's a place nearby :)

  2. yum. Love the flowering tea.. Tibits do one too.

  3. Maybe I will try Tibits next time then.

  4. I'm sure you'd like it there.