Sunday, 19 June 2011

Museum of London

I'm very proud of myself as I managed to leave the house this weekend and do something useful. Well, maybe not useful but I went to a museum and enjoyed it!

I went to the Museum of London with a friend. Both of us had been complaining how we live in a great city but never actually go see any of its attractions or make use of any of the cultural activities happening every day. So this weekend we went ot the Museum of London.

It was very cool. Lots of old maps showing how the city developed. Plenty of artifacts and things to touch and see. To be honest I didn't pay that much attention to the historical facts, I just enjoyed being out and 'learning' new things. The museum is in a pretty interesting part of town. It's built where the former wall was in the actual City of London. There are lots of walkways, old and new buildings. The levels of the streets are changing and sometimes and feels a bit like a maze. I really love it though.

Modern glass buildings all over the place.

 Some seem to be build upon old foundations and stone.

 A room that was comletely covered in a map of London including the ceiling and floor. Some parts were framed and sticking out.

Replica of the London Eye. Really cool. That reminds me that I should still go on the real one. Nah, one of these days...

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