Sunday, 12 June 2011

The End

This year's E3 just ended and I spend some time catching up on the most important (to me) games and hardware that was announced. 
It totally put me in the mood to replay one of my favourite games. Secret of Mana. I do not have an iphone/pad, so I could not play the newer, prettier version. But the old one was just as I remembered. Very nostalgic, loved it!

It's too bad that once you play through something you can never have that first play-through again. Of course the same goes for films and books. I wish I could watch the Lord of the Rings again for the first time or read all the Harry Potter books again for the first time. 
Anyway, have to hop into the shower now and get ready to go out and brave the rain. Going out shopping. Yay! The bf leaves on a business trip on Tuesday. He needs to pick up some stuff and maybe I'll find something nice for myself ;-)


  1. I have a terrible memory, so if i go a couple years with out watching/reading something, when i go to watch/read it again it's almost like it's the first time again for me, haha.

  2. I usually wait a few years before rereading, -playing, -watching. Last time I played this game was about 15 years ago (coming into a scary age when my easily accessible memories reach 20 years).