Sunday, 5 June 2011

Coffee and Cheeeeesecake...

So I decided that the working life is pretty good. Have been spending the weekend hanging out with a friend, drinking lots of coffee and eating cake. Technically I haven't been paid yet, but I already like spending the money. Figured I treat myself this month and from the next one I will see how to wisely spend my money.

Put till then there will be lots of coffee and cake!

 I found this really nice cafe that is pretty close to my uni. Cannot believe I did not notice it until I left! Will have to go back there often. The tables are really rustique and then they have this regal theme going on with lots of red and purple, candles, chandeliers, golden chairs, and they play very dramatic classical music in the background. Amazing!

(Ok, so this coffee I actually had in April on the London Book Fair, but it represents all the other coffees I bought this weekend.)