Random facts about me

I just found this nice new page gadget on blogger and wanted to play with it. This is the result. Bear with me, it's just a first attempt.

  1. I love books. I always buy more books than I can read and they are piling up on my desk.
  2. I don't have bookshelves. This is just to explain why said books pile up on my desk. And some of them have disappeared into suitcases on top of my wardrobe.
  3. I am a collector. Once I acquired something I don't wanna give it up again. Using a library would be so easy, but oh no, I wanna own my book. Pretty stupid, right?!
  4. Bananas. I love them especially when they are still green. Yum.
  5. In my yearbook everyone had to answer the question if they were reincarnated what/who would they be. My answer: Sushi filled with banana!
  6. That brings me to: I love Japan and everything (so far) about it.
  7. Even though I love Japan I have never been there. Which I hope to change eventually.
  8. I am learning Japanese. More or less successfully. 
  9. I love languages in general. I studied English Linguistics at uni. But that doesn't mean that I am particularly good at them. I just like them.
  10. I learnt French as my first foreign language in school. Which means at some point I was better at it than at English. But now I don't remember hardly anything. What a waste of time...
  11. I also studied Latin at school. Germany must be the only country in the world that forces Latin on its students. Surprisingly, I liked it. It's like doing crossword puzzles.
  12. When I was 16 I spent a year at an American High School in Idaho. Yup, Idaho, potato country. But guess what. I loved it. 
  13. I am from a teenie tiny village in northwest Germany. When my family moved there we reduced the average age by half. Go figure.
  14. I have one older sister, an older brother and a younger sister. Never a boring minute in our house.
  15. I used to do Karate and Ju Jutsu when I was a kid. Went up to orange belt.
  16. In total I did 15 years of ballet. Started with 3 stopped at 18. Can't believe I lasted that long.
  17. I used to do horseback riding. My parents still have three Icelandic horses and two shetland ponies.
  18. I spent a year in Glasgow, Scotland going to uni. That's where I met my bf.
  19. In total I went to four different universities in six years. Impressive, no?
  20. I like to get around. Being in a place for longer than two years usually makes me restless. Been here for two years now. My feet are starting to itch.
  21. I am not a people person. Conversations are usually awkward with me. I prefer to be silent.
  22. Point 21 does not mean that I don't enjoy meeting people. I just do it 'quietly'.
  23. I like the rain. And thunderstorms.
  24. I love all four seasons. But I hate hot summers and humidity.
  25. There is hardly any food that I don't like or wouldn't try. I love it all!
  26. Since I started to get into TV shows I find it very hard to sit through a whole movie.
  27. When I am at work I tend to speak with a more British accent which I am trying hard to shed when home switching back to American. I am being told that I am not very successful with the switching back anymore.
  28. Some people think I am from South Africa based on my accent. I have never been there, nor am I myself able to pick out South African accents since I haven't really listened to them before.
  29. I like baking. But because of our tiny kitchen I haven't really baked anything for two years.
  30. I play videogames. Yes, I am one of those freaks. Can't help it. I just love them. Please don't hate me for it.
  31. I would love to do more sports but am too lazy to get off my bum.
  32. People often think I am rude, but I am merely being sarcastic.
  33. Erstmal abwarten und Tee trinken. 'Let's first have some tea and think about it.' My motto. I prefer to think things through.
  34. I like tea. Lots of it. Especially the green varieties.
  35. Matcha. I try to eat/drink everything that is matcha flavoured. Unfortunately there are only few things in London.
  36. I used to volunteer on youth trips. I was responsible for the kitchen on a couple of trips including one to Tuscany and one to Sweden. Loved it!
  37. I like travelling places but I hate making plans. I prefer to just go and see what I find.
  38. I didn't use to wear glasses, but since I started my job about two years ago I can't go without. That's what computers do to you.
  39. I'm a believer in Linux. I don't know what I am doing but everything is still running!
  40. I like technology. I usually don't really have a clue what I am doing but for some reason technology likes me back and I always figure things out.
  41. I am not a girly girl. For the longest time I hated everything pink and cute. I am over that now.
  42. I don't wear make-up. Only to special occasions. Like weddings. I think I still have my first ever make-up pot at my parents house.
  43. I don't have a middle name.
  44. I like clothes. I hate buying clothes.
  45. I love buying books.
  46. Cider is my alcohol of choice. As a necessity really.
  47. Since hitting the mid-twenties beer makes me sick, dehydrates me and gives me headaches. Why oh why, I really like it.
  48. Since hitting my mid-twenties wine makes me sick. Sometimes even one glass only will make me run to the toilet.
  49. I guess nowadays alcohol doesn't really make me drunk any more. I get sick first. Weird.
  50. I like green plants. Prefer them over flowering ones in the house.
I stop at fifty for now. As soon as inspiration hits I will continue.