Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Houses of Parliament

Finally managed to pull the photos of my camera from my visit to the Houses of Parliament. I met up with a good friend a couple of weeks ago. Through her I got 'access' to the Houses and her husband was so nice to give me a tour. It's a really amazing place.

Once I got the pictures on my computer I noticed that most of them are a bit shaky. I'm just rubbish at taking photos with my phone. Just can't hold that damn thing still enough. Need to buy a new camera.

This is the oldest part of the parliament. The monarchs are usually put up here when they die and the public can go past them to pay their respects. Or you know, make fun of them...

The middle plaque commemorates the place where William Wallace was sentenced to death. Pretty cool, heh.

I'll leave you with the rest of the pics. Enjoy!

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  1. Ha..was wondering if I'll ever see them. Nice.. ;D