Saturday, 30 July 2011

London Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago my sister came to visit me with her husband and my 10 year old nephew. Unfortunately I had to work for most of her stay. But the weekend she was here we managed to hang out a lot.

The first day we headed out to Borough Market. I had never been, but really enjoyed it. It's basically a fresh food market. Though they have some amazing food there. You can get oysters, German sausages, fruit & vegetables, fresh juice and smoothies, chocolate, bread etc. It is really amazing.

Right next to the market they are building the tallest building in Europe. I'm sure it will be finished for the Olympics. It's called 'The Shard' and looks pretty ridiculous.

The next day we made our way to the Sea Life Aquarium. My nephew absolutely loved it there. They recreated different bodies of water. My favourite was probably the mangrove tanks and rainforest ones. Bear with me here. I took a ton of pictures. But it was really hard to get good ones. Most of them are a bit blurry. But I love the colours.

Big sea turtle bang in the middle. They were moving slowly, but it was still hard to get them on the pictures properly.

There are blowfish in these tanks (at least that's what I think they are called). They were behind big magnifying glass. And they were quick buggers. But very cute.

Yay, got the whole fish on there. But blurry again. Sigh.

I can see you!

Penguins! It was really cold in the rooms with the penguins. They loved it, but we had to move on quickly as we had no sweaters with us.

Lots of pictures of water. I really tried to get the penguins on film while swimming. They look beautiful. But again, they are too quick. It's really a shame.

We spend about three hours in the aquarium. It was a great experience. If you are in London, go check it out. Especially if you are here with kids. They will love it!

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