Tuesday, 26 July 2011

After work fun

Couple of weeks ago my bf finished an incredibly busy period at work. He remembers the exact time he handed in the project papers: 11.27am. It was on a Friday and he basically ran from the office that second to go drinking. I met up with him later in the day and we had some celebratory drinks. His workmates came out as well and we had a lovely evening.

I actually managed to take some pictures while out with my camera phone. Not the best pictures in the world. 

I like these newly developed areas. Especially when they randomly plant a few trees in them. You have these modern straight line buildings broken up by lovely trees.

London night sky anyone? 



We headed out for one more drink after I took the pics. Or let's say, the boys had one more drink while I had juice. My old bones can't handle the alcohol that well anymore. Have to stop drinking early if I want to feel like a human being the next day.

But otherwise it was a lovely evening. Hope you enjoyed the (blurry) photos!

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