Wednesday, 3 August 2011

HyperJapan 2011

A few weekends back I went to Hyper Japan 2011 here in London. I had won a ticket from Haikugirl for the Saturday. Originally I planned to go with a friend but he ended up not having time, so I went by myself.

It was a great experience. I wandered around on two floors. Being by myself meant I had plenty of time to linger as long as I liked at every stall. I think I was there for almost 4 hours.

I bought some DVDs that I have yet to watch (Fish Story, Turtles are surprisingly fast swimmers, and Lala Pipo). Really should finish (well start) my dissertation first though before getting distracted with fun stuff.

I am crap at taking pictures, but here are a few I managed:

Nanoblocks. I love Tokyo Tower in the background.

I never had takoyaki before, so this was the perfect opportunity to try. They were delicious!

Live show about how to make sushi and curry.

I'll definitely be back next year!


  1. Looks amazing! Hope the dissertation is going well.

  2. Uh yeah, dissertation... I have the whole weekend planned for it. Meeting with a friend on Saturday to go to the British Library, and on Sunday to go to our University's one. Do you think a dissertation can be written in two days when all I'm going for is a pass???