Friday, 19 August 2011

Busy Post

I finally managed to get off my ass and start my dissertation. Which now means that I work full-time during the week and spend about 6-8 hours each day on the weekend working on my dissertation. I did this for three weeks now and it's making me tired. Staring at computer screens every day is so exhausting!
It's only till the end of September, so I shouldn't whine too much and just deal. But I think a little whiny post is not too much... I feel a bit guilty complaining about it since I'm getting paid and get a good education at the same time. Boy but sometimes I wish I could just slag off for a day or two (ah, whom am I kidding, for at least a week or two). I guess that's what you get from going straight from classes into employment. I am very glad I got this job, since I love and was super scared that I would not be able to get a job in publishing like the last time I graduated. But still, I need free time to hang around and do nothing.

Now enough with the whining. In good news: It's Friday, I only have a half day today. And the later half of the day I will use to do ... nothing. Huzza!
In other exciting news (this is exciting, since normally I don't do anything special on weekends): next Friday I will go to Globe Theatre and see the midnight performance of As You Like It. A friend of mine booked us tickets on the highest floor in the back. Not gonna be a brilliant view, but it's gonna be so lovely. I hope it's a cloudless night so we can see stars (who am I kidding, no stars in London anyway). That will also be the day we will find out whether bf will get a new visa for the UK. If not, they will kick his ass back to Canada. So fingers crossed that everything will be fine for him that day.
The weekend after we will go to the Royal Opera House and get a behind the scene look at it and get to see some performances for a special they have on. Bf won those tickets at work. Not bad I say. I am very excited about all the culture we are squeezing into our schedule (and perfect excuses NOT to do anything on my dissertation, double win).
Yeah, that's about all that is happening over here. Now that London got all boring again and stopped the riots (thank you very much). Ok, should get my lazy ass into the shower and off to work I run!


  1. Ugh, paper-writing, i feel your pain! I had two rather big research papers to write before i graduated and that was hell! You'll be able to appreciate your free time so much more once it's all over with though. :) Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, can't wait for all of this to be over. But I have something to look forward to: Just booked a flight home in November for a week. Yay!