Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Work, work, work

Work has been stressful the last few weeks. It seems like everyone is on holiday. Not only does it make it hard in asking questions and getting answers. I also need to check other people's inboxes and decide which queries are important and need to be dealt with and which ones to ignore. Ah well, only a couple more weeks and everyone is back from holiday.

Cannot wait for probation to be over. Holiday please come sooner.

In other news, the girl who has the same role at work that I have, but is in charge of Asia, while I do Europe, is moving jobs. She's staying in the department but joining another team. Now I'm thinking I should go in and say that I would love to cover Asia instead of Europe. But I think it's too early. I just started, so I shouldn't already try to move around. They are stressed enough, that they need to train another person. Plus I might also have to switch imprints then and I really like the one I am working on now. Ah I wish she would have switched next year and not now. Then it would have been totally ok for me to start moving around. *sigh*

Ah well, still love my job. And it's kinda handy to be able to speak German with some of my customers. Would have no advantage in the Asia market since I don't speak any of those languages. Darn.

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