Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Sunny Day

Felt like shit all day yesterday. I had a headache, the dissertation was not coming along as planned, the weather outside was bad, but really humid. All I wanted to do was just cry and sleep. Which I mainly did. I managed to leave the house for about an hour to get some groceries and bf got his passport pictures done for the visa.

I thought it would do me good to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Not really though. Headache got even worse. My whole head felt really tight and as if it was too tiny for my brain... So I just laid down and closed my eyes most of the afternoon.

Do you sometimes have those days where everything seems impossible and like it's too much and everything seems to go wrong or simply nowhere?
That was basically my day. No idea what brought it on. But it was a shitty, shitty day. I was really scared that today would be the same again and that stressed me out even more. Because I will need all the time I can get to finish my dissertation in time. Only six weekends left and I still haven't done all my interviews. Really need to ask people at work next week whether they'd be so nice and let me interview them.

To end on a lighter note. Today was completely different. I got up in the morning and felt a lot better. I got a bit done on the dissertation and read up on some methodology and listened to some lectures. Felt much better afterwards. Also, a friend of mine agreed to be interviewed because he work in the field I wanted to do my research in. So I met up with him this evening and had a 30 minute interview. And it was great! He told me so many useful things that I can analyse and contrast against another interview I did back in April during a placement. The sun came out and we were drinking frappucinos sitting in the sun and getting shit done for my dissertation. 

Now I'm back home and everything looks much better. This will mean that probably next weekend I can write up the interviews and really get into the nitty gritty bit. Yeah, things are coming together. Hurray! So weird how two days can be so utterly, utterly different. And to top it all off my loving bf has ordered us some sushi that is about to arrive. Here's to good friends and loving boyfriends!


  1. Glad your shitty day is over. :) Good luck with that dissertation!

  2. Thanks! I feel a lot more positive about it now.