Friday, 19 August 2011

Just outside of Cambridge...

A few weeks back I had to go to Cambridge for a couple of days. My whole department from work went to a conference. It was just outside of Cambridge in the most beautiful halls I have ever been to.

This is the view out of my bedroom.

View of the main building from my bedroom.

 My little tiny bed, in my little tiny room. It was student accommodation after all. But I loved it. It was even an en-suite!

View of the little courtyard.

Other side of the courtyard.

Parking lot overlooking beautiful countryside.
Cute hut in the garden next door.

View from the back of the main building, with the 'little' English Garden.

I didn't really have enough time to appreciate all of the surrounding countryside. Was too busy sitting inside listening to presentations, and giving two of my own. Yay. But it was really nice to be surrounded by all that greenery and have all that fresh air. Sometimes I miss the countryside.
I was only there for three days. Next year there will be a new conference, am already very excited about where they choose to send us then. I know last year they went to Oxford. So I guess the theme is university towns? But that's next year. Now it's back to normal work.

Speaking of work. In five days I will be done with my probationary period. Yay! Gonna book a flight home this weekend for November. Cannot wait! Haven't been since Christmas. And that trip was cut short due to the snow chaos at the London and Germany airports. So no snow in November pleases! I am planning to go see my new nephews. Yes that's right, my sister and sister-in law are pregnant. Due dates end of October. So I'm hoping going early November will mean I can meet both of the babies.

Wish me luck!

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