Sunday, 8 November 2009

Nice Sunday Stroll

Today was a pretty lazy day. Just wandered about the city a bit. And ended up in Japan Centre. One of my favorite places! I was actually looking for a book to learn Kanji. But I couldn't find the one I wanted. I forgot what it was called but it basically teaches you the first 100 essential Kanjis. I might have to get that on Amazon now. Though I am a bit annoyed with that because of all the postal strikes going on here.

But ending up at the Japan Centre meant Sushi for lunch. Just bought a whole lot that will also last me for dinner.

I also got this amazing Matcha/Melon bun. Just tastes soooooooo good. Is now the right time to mention that I am supposed to be on a diet and not eat that much sugar!?!? Ah, but it was so worth it.

I also got some classic Wii Remotes in black. Pretty sleek. Have to try them out today. So the rest of the day will probably be spent on fighting the bad guys. I am just not very good with the Nunchuk. It keeps slipping in my hands which makes playing games really annoying. So I am looking forward to playing my games with a classic controller. Now would also be the time to think about purchasing Virtual Console games. Finally will be able to play all the classics from my SNES days. Oh Nintendo, why o why did you introduce the stupid star/point system. There must have been an easier way...

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