Sunday, 22 November 2009

Weekend Post

Had an exciting weekend. I went down to Headcorn to a bridal shop. A friend is getting married and I got to see her dress choices. That was really cool. Didn't think at first that I would enjoy that. But because I did not have to change into anything it was actually a lot of fun. It's just me and shopping for clothes. Absolutely hate it. All the trying on is just no fun. But making somebody else do it makes the whole experience fun.

She picked a really nice one. Looks very sophisticated. No big white meringue poof ball. But a tight fitting, off-white dress.

Today then was spent going to the movies. I watched the Informant with Matt Damon. A very different film. I enjoyed it. But sometimes you just wanted to punch the main guy in the face. Matt Damon was hilarious though. His facial expressions are priceless. Even though I usually don't really like him.

Anyway, now going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

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  1. Awww.. :) Glad you enjoyed but I am a bit horrified that you thought you might not like it (mainly because I don't wanna push you to do things ;p) Anyway, yeah it was fun and thank you again for joining me and for the photography :D

    Ooh movies. I love the movies *sigh* :)

    Have a good evening!!