Sunday, 8 November 2009


Last night I went to Tower Hamlets to see the fireworks in Victoria Park. It was really amazing. They had a pyro-show together with the fireworks display. At first I thought it was kinda lame but it quickly grew on me. They had the fire spit out in tune with the music they were playing. All songs had to do with fire. The one that stuck out most was 'Sex on Fire' by Kings of Leon. Turned out to be a really cool idea. And I think they used it as breaks in between the fireworks to give the smoke a chance to clear a bit. Otherwise it would have been really hard to see the whole display properly.
And yes, it was nice and cold and no rain. Only when we were heading home did it start to drizzle a bit. But I wasn't worried about that. We also managed to get some mulled wine which made me really happy. It means the Christmas season has officially started. At least in my book.
I did not take my camera. So there are no pictures. But they would have probably not turned out nicely anyway. Fireworks are great. But with my older camera it would have been only blurs. I think the coolest fireworks were the ones that looked like they were shooting gold rain/sparks into the sky. Really beautiful. And they had some new ones I had never seen before. They almost looked like white feathers falling from the sky. Awesome!
Anyway, I am warming to the whole bonfire night idea. Definitely looking forward to next year!

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  1. Yay for fireworks! :D

    I like your colour scheme...