Friday, 4 December 2009

A NON-Weekend Post

This is very exciting. Finally I manage to get in a post that is not on the weekend. Though, I guess since it is Friday evening I am cheating just a little bit. Thats' okay though. This week was actually really exciting, so I feel that I have something interesting to say.

Monday evening I finally got to see Twilight:New Moon with a friend of mine. I was so excited when it came out and then it took so long for me to go. Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. It was done much better than the first, everything looked more professional and like they had more money to burn. Weirdly enough I liked the first one better. Maybe because everything was all looking a bit cheap and the mood was much darker in the first. In New Moon everything was glowing a bit orangey/reddish while Twilight was all in blue and bland colors. That drew me in much more. Plus, the storyline of New Moon was technically darker, so I thought they should have used the darker palette there instead. But oh well. I just thought I would like number two better because that was one of my favorite books in the series. I just love the werewolf/Jacob storyline.
Speaking of Jacob. First time he stepped up I was all 'Holy Jeebus, somebody beefed up'. He looks HUGE compared to how he was before. No complaints there. But I didn't like that he cut his hair. Was that really necessary??? I know, I know it's in the book, but the long hair just suited him really well. I thought it actually made him look older... But enough of Monday.

Moving on to Tuesday. I was off and got to lay in a bit. Which I just loooooooove doing. Rest of the day was spent out in Angel shopping and in the evening I had my Japanese class. The last in this term. I thought we had gotten away without a test this time. But behold, of course in the last half hour, there it was. Uh, I did really bad. So I guess my Christmas break should really be filled with some quality studying time. Weirdly enough I am looking forward to that. I wanted to concentrate on learning vocab. I don't have all the grammar down, but mainly I am struggling with remembering all the words. So I figured learning a lot of verbs and adjectives might be the way to go. I will just build the grammar around that. Kanji is another big thing. We are not learning them in class but I would really love to learn at least some. Wanted to get a study book, but I just cannot find the right one in stores. Might have to do an order on Amazon, though I really, really do not want to do that. I just always end up getting much more than I should, and there are still about a dozen books on my desk waiting to be read. Anyway, after class we headed out to a pub to have a drink. That was really nice, I had never done that before because I am usually beat. Might have to do that more often now. Hmmm. Last thing in class was a presentation about wine tasting and the guy who did it brought in three different bottles of red wine. Tasted those. They were really good. I felt a bit tipsy after those tiny glasses. LOL. Wine just gets me. Makes me feel sick and tired. But I like the taste. Cannot help myself. Should really say no. So that was another late evening.

Wednesday was really uneventful. Hurray! So let's skip to Thursday. Went to a pub to meet up with a birthday girl. Guess there were about a dozen people. Had a really good time (and a couple of ciders). Just did not like my early morning Friday. Honestly, I just wanted to close my eyes at work today and snore through it. That's usually not how it goes down on a Friday. But in the afternoon it got really hard to keep my eyes open. I guess I am just getting old. Long evenings and working all day just do not agree with me any more (hm, long working hours have never agreed with me). But I survived! So now I am sitting here, nursing my tea and writing a blog that nobody reads. Love my life ;-)

But I really missed reading all the blogs on my blogroll. Planning on catching up now. Have to make another tea for that. Getting really addicted to them. So here's a shout out to all the lovely bloggers, who care to share their life with the world. We love you!

Let's all have a great weekend!


  1. Awww..I read your blog :D That sounded like a good week. Well done.

    Yeah..know what you mean with the getting old.. *yawn*

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. I read yours too. hmm, I had problems posting a comment last time I was on yours. Need to try again next time you post. It's probably me though. *sigh*