Wednesday, 1 February 2012

1. your view today

This morning's view from my kitchen. It was cold cold cold. Still is. Need to get my proper winter coat out in order not to freeze on my way to work. I saw a guy in just a sweater at the bus stop this morning. English people, you are crazy!


  1. A nice clear winters day. Ours is shaping up like that with the snow nearly all melted. ALthough the wind is something crazy. If I didn't weigh so much I'd be scared to venture outside.
    I like the look of this meme.

    1. Uh snow. We haven't seen any of that this year. It's nice and sunny in the morning. But unfortunately it never lasts. Clouds are moving in way too quickly. At least daylight stays a bit longer now, so that when I leave work it's almost still light outside. Almost.