Thursday, 21 January 2010

Long time no post

Sorry for having been absent for awhile. After coming back from Canada it took some getting  used to every day life. Back at work. It's ok. Not my favourite thing to do. In these cold winter months when it's still dark in the mornings all I wanna do is curl up in bed.

The last couple of days have been a little bit busier. It all started on the weekend, we went out on Saturday to a really nice restaurant for dinner. Gilgamesh. Uh, they have really awesome food. I think my favourite was the dessert: Banana Green Tea cake with caramel sauce and coconut ice cream. There were banana slices in the cake and it was served hot! What a dream! It didn't look like much, but tasted just amazing.

Afterwards we were supposed to meet up with some friends and go dancing. We did meet up with them. They wanted to have dinner at the pub we were meeting at. But because it was so busy they still hadn't gotten a table when we got there. So we talked for a bit. When they finally got a table we (bf and me) decided to go for a walk and take care of our aching bellies. We crashed in a not so busy pub and had a pint. After that we both felt so full and tired that we just went  home. Sorry friends, maybe another time.

Then this week we  had a nice dinner at City Raj. I love Indian food. Anything with coconut. Had a few drinks before heading over to the restaurant. Had a really good time. It just really annoys me. I had two pints of cider and a beer. Usually I would think that it's not that much to drink especially when it goes with a big meal, but nevertheless I always feel completely dehydrated. So I wake up a lot at night and don't sleep as well. Even though I drink a lot of water in between and before I go to bed. Plus, I usually have a headache in the morning and my mouth feels all weird from the beer. Very disappointing. I really like beer and wine but it just makes me sick.

Tomorrow I don't have to go to work. We will be flying out to Copenhagen to visit a good friend of ours. She is having a birthday party. Can't wait. I haven't seen her in ages and I have never been to Copenhagen. So I am doubly excited.

Anyway, this was not a very cohesive blog post. I apologise for that. Next time I will try to post something more interesting. And maybe some pictures of good old Copenhagen. Until then...

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