Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Bed!


We finally got our new bed. Wanted to call the landlord for ages, but for some reason never got around to call. So I decided to call on my day off on Tuesday. They said they would come around Wednesday. Due to adverse weather conditions they never made it. It snowed. Apparently London simply can't take snow. There are no snow plougher, shuffels etc. Nothing, nada. Snow is still on the ground being crushed into ice. Making the situation worse. Someone should seriously invest into some winter equipment. But I digress.

So today, when we were at work some sneaky workmen came around and replaced the bed AND the mattress. I was so impressed. We hadn't specifically complained about the mattress, just the frame. But tadah, magic happened and they saw for themselves how sh** the mattress was and put a new one in. Sooooo happy.

For everyone who doesn't know. We had a huge 'hole' in the bed on the foot end. The cardboard, where the mattress rested on, was basically falling into the frame. Luckily it was where our legs are, so not that much weight to support. But it was still annoying.

Hopefully today I will have a great nightsleep again with lots of space on my side (bf was encroaching on my space since the hole was on his side and he couldn't really sleep there). Excited!

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  1. Cool.

    I hate that.. 'Adverse weather conditions' IT IS SNOWWWWWWWWWW! :p