Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day 14

Had a funny phone call today. Guy on the phone was asking for someone (neither me nor my bf). Told him he got the wrong number. So he was asking whether this number wasn't such&such company. Obviously it wasn't so he hung up. Nothing too strange about that. Now, the weird thing was that the company he asked about is the one my bf works at. I remembered the name the guy asked for and wrote bf an email relaying what happened and whether he recognised the name. Promptly my phone rang again and it was bf. He was a bit weirded out because he looked up in his company directory and don't you know it the name was in it. So the person does work there. That's just so strange. He also looked up the phone number and it is not similar to our number. It uses the same digits but in a completely different order and number. If that guy mis-dialled then he got it completely wrong. Now bf thinks someone gave out our number. LOL. I doubt it. Was just the strangest thing.

Otherwise everything is fine. Was a little bit lazy today and only did half of my study things. Keeping the rest for tomorrow as I hadn't planned anything. I finished the book about how to get a job in publishing. Kinda glad because whenever I read it I got a stomach ache and felt a bit sick. I get really nervous when it comes to applications and anything related to that. So even reading about it gave me this sick, horrible feeling. Uh, don't even know how I'm gonna deal with it again next year when I'll be available on the job market. I just hate, hate, hate applying for jobs and 'advertising' myself to people/companies.

Eating is still going good too. I think I even trained my body to eat less. Not as hungry anymore and get full easier. That just might have to do with me being a lazy ass (I did go grocery shopping today though). Uh, I made sweet potato fries today. They turned out really well! All soft on the inside and a bit crunchy on the outside. Yummy! Wish I had mayonnaise with that, but none in the house.

No more evil cats in the yard, but I have an eye out for them. Can't sneak past me. The weather still holds sunny and beautiful with a slight chill in the air. Perfect autumn weather (though I guess it's not autumn yet).


  1. I answer the phone with Hello?
    I had two phone calls yesterday: the first was silence and the second said (in an automated message) 'Goodbye.'

  2. I hate those calls. Get plenty of automated calls these days. Very annoying. But I never had one that said goodbye. Wouldn't mind that though. Would feel much better about hanging up.

  3. Was wondering for a split second though whether I had just activated a bomb and this was my final message. :-s