Tuesday, 28 September 2010

First day of class

Today I had my first day of class. It was actually only one module about the publishing business. Most of it was spent getting to know our lecturer. He seems like a nice guy. Talked the whole time but didn't manage to bore me. And he handed out the power point presentation before class. I love that. Makes note-taking so much easier.

Today was pretty relaxed because we didn't have to prepare anything and he spent most of the time introducing us to the world of the book business with a general overview. I'd say most of it we already knew but he brought everything into context.

Towards the end of the class he was handing out assignments though. We had already been divided into groups of five which we will stay in for the whole term and do all our group work in the same group. First assignment is research a major publishing house and give a 10 minute presentation about its business model and objectives. None of us have ever researched a business so this should be quite interesting. 

We also got an email with the assignment for next Monday for our law module. This is what most people are scared of most since it's law and we have an exam in that module in January. I don't mind so much. Just have to prepare a couple of chapters and write some definitions of law terms (ok, I do mind the later one).

Gonna start studying now. Boo on that. At least I can do it from the comfort of my own home. Gotta love that. But first, lunch!

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