Sunday, 3 October 2010

First week survivor

I survived the first week of classes. It was a blast, but let me tell you now I'm exhausted. There are no classes on Friday but I basically spend most of the day reading and catching up. Yes, catching up on the first week. Also preparing for a presentation. Saturday I decided to have my weekend and didn't do anything for uni. But that meant that today I basically spend all day preparing for next week. Wow, I knew I'd be busy but this is really extreme. And I didn't even have all the classes yet. Next week will be just as busy. Have to prepare a presentation with a group and give it, prepare my cv and do all other sorts of fun stuff. Don't even wanna know how much catching up I'll be doing next weekend.

On a fun note I made some apple crumble today. Tasted really good. Offered half to bf but he refused to eat it. Later today when I went back into the kitchen to eat some more I discovered that all the crumble was gone and only the apples left. WTF? Bf said that since I offered him some but he didn't really fancy apples he just eat the dough and picked out what he liked. Just left the rest in there so I could eat it. Thought that was a bit rude,  but he didn't think anything wrong with it. Stupid boys. Honestly sometimes feel like I'm living with a ten year old. Told him to bin the rest. We'll see how long that will stay on the stove.

Better get ready for tomorrow. It's getting really dark outside which makes me sleepy. Could sleep 12 hours each day now. Remains a dream though since somebody keeps jumping up and down the bed at about 6am and it ain't me...


  1. Woah! There would've been a WAR in my house if he dared to eat the crumble off of the apples! :-O

    You sound busy, I leave you to it. ;p

  2. Thank you! I wouldn't have minded him taking a piece, eaten what he liked and toss out the rest. But just cherry picking off the actual dish. grrr

    Just a tiny bit busy. Doing homework now while eating breakfast. Need to get more organised me thinks. Maybe next week ;-)