Sunday, 20 March 2011

First Placement Finished

I finished my last week at Simon and Schuster on Friday. To be honest I did not want to leave. I wanted them to scream 'Don't go, we'll hire you!'. Of course that didn't happen. Not that the people I worked with wouldn't want to do it. But I guess they don't really have any say in who gets hired anyway.

But I left in good spirits. Everyone had something nice and encouraging to say. I left my email with a few people who promised to contact me if something came up, added Facebook friends and now follow people on twitter. So who knows what the future holds.

I'm going to start my next placement on Monday with MacMillan Publishing Solutions. That will be a whole other beast to conquer. Not too excited about the trips to Basingstoke (though it does give me lots of reading time), but I hope the experience is worth it. I guess this also means I will have to update my CV. But let's leave that till later.

I will leave you with a photo of all the manga I was given this week. I quietly enquired whether I could take a few. Sarah (who's in charge of everything to do with manga) got really excited about that, because let's face it no one had ever asked before, and started piling them up. Giving me tips which ones were good and fun. She herself does not read any, but she knows anyway for her job. After plenty of laughter, that I successfully kept quiet about my love for manga, it was decided that I should get more and was given the back catalogue to order all the ones I wanted to read. I tried to not get over-excited and limited myself to ten. They will be sent to my house. Score!


  1. That's a nice side effect of your placement. Which ones do you recommend?

  2. I only managed to read two so far. 'Switch' and 'Otomen'. Otomen was great fun. It's about a boy who likes girly things and trying to hide it who falls in love with a girl who likes manly things.When I read the blurb I thougth it would be really bad and annoying, but it's actually very cute. Switch I wasn't so impressed by. It's about some newbie Tokyo narcotics cops. I think there is a twist somewhere in the story, but the pictures were hard to see and I kept mixing up the different characters.
    I'm not the best with reviews, sorry. Can usually just say whether I like or dislike something...