Friday, 21 October 2011

1 boy + 1 boy = double auntie!

I forgot whether I mentioned that I will be going home in November in order to see my new nephews. I booked this flight a couple of months ago and placed it safely more than two weeks after the due dates (which were only two days apart) so I would not miss one of the babies. This is one for my sister one for my brother.

My sister in law had her little boy two days ago. All went well, he came in the middle of the night and she and my brother are happy first time parents. Who cannot agree on the name. I think they have to decide within one week otherwise the state will give the baby a name. Uh oh, excited how that will turn out!

And then yesterday my sister went into hospital and had a baby boy. She had to have a c-section, which we were all expecting since she had to have one with my first nephew as her hips are very tiny, but the baby was big, especially the head. But all is well and that little bugger actually has a name: Emil. Which I love, love, love.

They are in the same hospital on the same floor. They also live very close together in the city. Those little boys might end up growing up more like brothers than cousins.

So yay, the little buggers are there. Which means when I get there in two weeks time everyone will be settled in at home and I can enjoy my two new nephews!

And now I have to go to work. Booooo....


  1. Exciting news! Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful time when you go home to see them. :)

  2. What? The state will give him a name? Surely, that can't be right.

    Anyway, congratulations aunty!!! :D Enjoy!