Friday, 28 October 2011

New place

We are in our new flat! And the internet/phone/TV situation is sorted. Was actually very quick and efficient. I am mighty impressed.

I managed to take some pictures. They are not the greatest quality, but here it goes:

Our kitchen. I tried not to take a picture of the counters because they are still packed with stuff.

Our bathroom. It's an actual room!

Bedroom. Messy, but I cleaned it up after this.

View of the balcony. It was pouring down rain when I took the pic.

Living room. The kitchen and living room are actually the same room, but it's really long.

So there you have it. Nothing spectacular, but I love it! Have been in it for only a few days now, but it is already home. I love all the space we have. The first night was a bit weird, but now it's all good.


  1. Love it. I can't believe you have a balcony, lucky you! Oh, and that bathroom looks lovely. :)


  2. Oh I like the bathroom too! The tub looks so clean and white. :) Looks like a really nice flat!

  3. @Nev: better believe it. Come visit me in the summer and we can enjoy the sun!

    @Laura: Thanks! This is the first time I have a tub since moving out of my parents almost ten years ago. Soooo excited to use it in the winter.

  4. Oh we love taking hot baths in the winter too! It sucks that American tubs are soooo shallow compared to Japanese baths. :( If I ever become rich, I'll have one imported and installed! :D