Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Morning Rant

Argh, I am so annoyed at the moment (and freezing cold, why? later). Yesterday I got into work late because I had the plumber and construction people come into our flat to fix things. The central heating didn't work, water leaked through the ceiling in the bathroom and the cold water pipe in the shower was leaking. Plus our chain at the front door is broken and should have been fixed weeks ago, but it never happened.
So yesterday they showed up at 7.30am. Which was fine. But then they stayed way too long to get everything done and I left late for work. Which already annoyed me a bit, because it should not be my responsibility to give them access to the flat. The landlord or building manager should provide that. But anyway, the guys made a big mess in my bathroom. Took down all the shower fixings, messed about with the heaters and the boiler. And when they left they said it was fixed. The heaters were heating etc.

But big surprise this morning, the boiling had shut off again, this time with a different error message. And this time we could not restart it. It seems dead in the water. So now I had to take a shower with cold water. Shit, was that cold. I am still freezing. I kept blow drying my hair and my body afterwards, but I am still COLD! Bf will call the landlord/building manager and yell at them. Honestly if this is not fixed soon and the boiler keeps breaking I am considering not paying rent until it is fixed. This is now becoming ridiculous. It's almost winter, and there is NO way I am going through that without heating and hot water. NO WAY!

Plus of course I won't know if they fixed the leak on the roof until it rains heavily the next time. Oh, and contractor guy said that it's leaking in our neighbours flat too. Great, that does not make me feel any better. Au contraire, does that mean the whole roof is shit and we will have MORE leaks? Thank god I am only renting this place. Can move out whenever I want to (but I do like it. I want to use the balcony in the summer). Damn. 

Ok gotta go to work. Will walk at an extra quick pace to finally get some warmth back into my feet. COLD!

End rant.


  1. Oh dear. >< This is especially shite as it is your NEW flat. *sigh* I really hope they sort it out. And I wouldn't pay rent either. Good luck!


  2. Yikes a cold shower! I would never wish that on anyone! I hope you're able to get them to fix these things a.s.a.p.!! >:( Dealing with apartment mechanics/landlords can be the most WONDERFUL experience, ne? T__T;;