Friday, 27 April 2012

Holiday -1

No idea if the heading is correct, but I'm going to Japan tomorrow. Hurrrraaaaaaaaay!!!! Cannot wait to get on that plane. Well, get off the plane.

I am well prepared and even got me a swell pair of compression socks. Look at me, getting old and all. Also got a new backpack as the old one had its bottom ripping off. I got the same one again, just in a different colour. North Face Isabella. It's so light and fits plenty of stuff without being super bulky.

In other news I have effed up my laptop. Doesn't want to boot anymore. Sigh. Wanted to buy a new one anyway, but would be nice if I could recover my photos and some documents. Ah well. Won't worry about it now. Will enjoy my holiday...


  1. When you buy your new laptop, ask the place if they do free data transfer from your old one! Some do! :) And sometimes they can even take it off a dead laptop, if the hard drive is okay!

    Have a blast in Japan! :D I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  2. Hi Alyse,

    Sorry for the (super) late reply! I actually managed to access my data with a live disc so nothing got lost. Phew. Should teach me a lesson about backups. But whom am I kidding. Next time my laptop craps out I will be in the exact same position. Ups.