Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Secret Project Revealed

Sorry everyone for not posting for what seems like forever. Last weekend I finished my 'year of weddings' with the final one up in Yorkshire. It was a blast, but this is not what today's blogpost is about. I will come back to it later though promise. Once I have uploaded all the pictures it will be more interesting anyway.

Today I wanted to let you know what's happening with my secret project. As some of you might have read a couple of months back I was getting excited about starting something new. As of today I have informed my current employer of me leaving at the end of July. That is not the exciting news though. The reason for my departure is that I will go back to uni in September. I got accepted to a master of arts in publishing. It's a year long program running full-time. I am very excited about joining. I have wanted to work in the publishing industry for awhile now, but never managed to get my foot in the door. With this course I am hoping to get some experience and knowledge into me in order to be able to score a job in the industry next summer after I write my thesis (yeah, not too thrilled about that. Just did one three years ago, wasn't that enough!?!?).

Yeah, so this was just to let everyone now that it is official now. I am leaving my job at the end of July and beginning a new chapter in September. Now isn't that exciting!!!


  1. Yay for the secret project being out in the open! Wohoooo! :D

  2. Feels good! And almost everyone at work knows too. It's nice to have to watch what I am saying.

  3. add a big fat NOT there.. ;)

    How did you-know take it?

  4. Upsi, yeah, should be a no in there. Should probably start proof reading what I write. But can't be bothered.

    Took it surprisingly well. Seemed a little flustered. Talk lasted about two minutes in which I made sure that she was aware that I wouldn't be going into stores. LOL.

    But interviewing is going like crazy now. Think they saw four people this week! Don't know if they liked any though.