Sunday, 27 June 2010

Weekend Post

It's a hot weekend in London. Not really in the mood for anything. Just hanging out in my underwear surfing the net, watching the football and F1 and catching up on anime. 

Went to the hairdresser and got my hair chopped off. She was really hesitant and I had to tell her about five times to take it off. It's still not as short as I wanted it but at least it feels a lot cooler in the heat now. Maybe I'll go again in the next couple of months to get it even shorter. For some reason hairdresser never wanna cut my hair short, but leave it long instead. Don't really know why. So much more convenient when it's short.

Already downed a couple of beers. Trying to stay cool though and drinking some tea. Hot drinks cool me down. Don't know why. I figured I'll post a few pictures from the wedding. Don't really feel like commenting on it. So please, just enjoy the pictures and then go out and enjoy the summer. It's beautiful over here at the moment! I enjoyed it this morning with a long walk when it was still cool. 

Groom taking off for church.

And this is our ride. Notice the best men and ushers in morning suits!

Bride's dress with bridesmaids.

Theme was green again. These chips got me two glasses of champagne. Nice.

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  1. Hot stuff cools you down because your body needs to cool down. When you drink something very cold your body regulates the temperature so you're probably warmer.