Sunday, 11 July 2010

Back on the healthy track

The title might be a little pre-mature. But I have been trying to go back to some healthier eating and living for awhile now. Never quite managed to get there. I think I just wasn't in the right frame of mind.

Yesterday though, I managed to get up at a reasonable time and go for a run. Shocking, I know. Haven't gone for a run in about a year. When I came back from it I felt absolutely exhausted, but in a good way. Just collapsed on the bed and enjoyed getting some blood into my brain. After checking on the mapmyrun I did 1.7km in just under 20 minutes. I say that is not bad. Felt great the rest of the day. Had a nice salad for lunch. Ok, in the evening I sinned a bit. We were invited over to a friend's house for dinner. She made really nice food, chicken skewers and salmon as a main with green veggies and basmati rice. And as a dessert a mascarpone lime cake. Yummy! Only had one slice was very proud. I think I did well with the food. But on the drinks I faltered a bit. We had brought two bottles of white wine, another couple brought two bottles, another friend brought two bottles and our friend already had two bottles in the house. Yup, at about 2 am when we split all of those bottles were gone. Uh oh. 

I feel surprisingly good this morning  though. No headache. I was a good girl though and for every small glass of wine I drank a big glass of water. Spent a lot of time in the bathroom but I think it was worth it. No feeling sick or feeling particularly drunk. Score!

For the rest of my body, it's another story though. I swear, every muscle in my body hurts (except my arms). My back, my tummy, my bum, my legs, my hips even my feet! Amazing. I guess that is good at least I know I got a good work out. Especially excited about the tummy, that has been growing a little  bit of late.

Switching to another topic. I only have three weeks left at work. Yay! It's still stressful because we always seem to be a couple of people down, but who cares when it will all be over in three weeks!

It's the boyfriend's birthday tomorrow. His present won't come till later in the month. Which he knows so it's fine. But I was thinking of maybe getting him something small for the day. I really wanted to take him to dinner, but he is working crazy hours at the moment. He probably will just wanna go to bed when he makes it home. 

Still crazy hot over here. But I have gotten used to it now. Avoiding to go outside though. The sun is crazy strong. When I went to the train after work on Friday I was exposed to the sun for maybe five minutes and my skin was already starting to turn red. At five in the evening! Crazy. So yeah, I am hiding out. But enjoying it. Pretending I am on holiday every day and just being lazy and cooling down with tea and ice cream (yeah I know, not that healthy, but has to be enjoyed while the heat lasts).

I leave you with this. My laptop feels too hot, need to get my hands off it ;-)

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