Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bringing it to a close

I just finished my last Sunday at work! It was kinda crappy but thanks to my lovely co-worker and some preparation on Friday I was able to leave on time anyway. That brings me down to nine days left of work. Cannot wait to get the hell out! I usually try not to talk about work on the blog. Firstly because I don't really have appropriate and nice things to say about it, and second because once I leave I wanna forget all about it. 

Basically I am preparing for the first week of August that bf will be off work as well. We scratched the plans to go somewhere on vacation, mainly because we are both too lazy to organise it and also because we wanted to head to the south of France. I think it will be too hot for me there at the moment. So we are planning to do many day trips in that week and just be generally a bit lazy. I put Brighton and Kew Gardens on the list. Since I am usually not exploring London a lot I should really use that opportunity. I might add a musical or other night time entertainment to the list. My guess is bf will want to do a casino night. Fine by me as long as I can stay at the Roulette table. Yeah, becoming unemployed and then blowing money at a casino doesn't sound like the smartest idea to me either.

Can't really think of other things to do. But I am sure I'll come up with something. Or bf will. Since it should be a  shared holiday.

Anyway off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.


  1. Bravo!

    Was it crappy because of me?? :-o Hope not. :( Sorry.

    But yay for finishing. :D

  2. Nah, you had nothing to do with it. Was crappy because of computers. The whole importing thing didn't work out too well. Didn't finish importing all the shit till 12. Crappy computer shit...