Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tuesday off work fun

Thanks to working on Sunday I'm off today and supposed to enjoy a perfectly lazy Tuesday. Since basically everybody else is at work being lazy is double the fun.

It all started out well enough with sleeping in (well, till seven but that's good enough for me) and then decided not to go running. I have gone the last two Saturdays and enjoyed that immensely. But I figured I shouldn't overdue and go whenever I can. I keep it to once a week for now, make the run longer the next time and then possibly in the future go running twice. The idea is if I push myself too hard I will give up easier. By keeping the work-out simple and not doing it too often I will stay motivated. Easy as that. So lazy Tuesday it was.

It's still hot over here, so I figured I jump in a shower and then just run around in my underwear. Bf was kind enough to remind me that landlord will swing by today to test fire alarm. Fine, so sweatpants and t-shirt it is. When he left I was digging in the back on the bottom of our wardrobe for my favorite pair of white sweatpants. Very excited when I found them. Fun was spoilt when I tucked on the band at the waist and it felt weird. Kind of hard not elastic like it's supposed to feel. On closer inspection there was a yellow stretch round the whole hip area following the string. And it smelled like pee... WHAT!??!!? Ok, by this point I'm freaking out a bit. WTF? Why is this yellow, and smelly? Toss the pants to the side and pull out everything that's on the bottom of our wardrobe, literally smelling every piece and looking into holes of our pillows and blankets. But nothing, every other piece looks fine, smells fine, no holes, no pee, no nothing. Which is nice. But on the other hand I really have no idea what happened to my pants! Could it be that I put them away when the string was still moist from washing and then it rotted (and turned yellow and started to smell like pee!?!?). Yeah, this is freaking me out a little. I put the piece of evidence in the kitchen for bf to have a look at tonight. I want second opinions. Anyone an idea what could have happened here? I really don't want mice in my apartment. I don't think it looks like a mouse attack. But I really have no idea what else it could be.

Yeah, so not the nicest start to the day. But I vowed not to let that bother me. So I did the laundry, made some breakfast, settled back with a nice mug of green tea to calm down. That worked fine for a bit. But when I get to the bottom of my mug, and I wasn't really looking before because I was reading stuff on my laptop, I noticed a big fat mosquito floating around in my tea. Now, I realise that I won't die and it's not harmful at all. But I hate insects, especially in my food/drink and when they bite me. And I'm still shaking by the attack on my clothing. Put me right back into my foul mood. Hmm, I know there is a cookie somewhere in the kitchen. Maybe I will just eat that to cheer me up. Though with my luck I will probably find maggots in it once I have it half eaten...

Here's to a better second half of the day...


  1. Oh nooo. *lol* Sound horrible but out of 24 hours you hopefully got at least a few that were nice, right?

    Days like this might make August even sweeter :D

  2. The rest of the day went fine. I am just still really baffled about the sweatpants incident.