Monday, 31 May 2010

Things I love ... Monday!

Sorry, but usually Thursday is just not a quiet evening where I have time to think about the things I love at the moment.

  • Bank holiday Monday!
  • Hot chocolate. Found this lovely one to melt into hot mild. Yummy. @Dani, melted it into soy milk yesterday. Not as good as with milk I find, lacks fat it's just a bit too watery, but still good.
  • Having a reduced office next week. I like it when certain people aren't there!
  • SMT: Devil Survivor. Picked it up in Canada as it didn't get published in Europe. Loving it so far. They should get rid off country coding dvds as well. Why does it work with games but not dvds. It's a shame, but I love the gaming industry for dropping country locking on some of their consoles!
  • Kiwi juice. Can't get enough of it at the moment. Especially in Innocent drinks.
  • New Ubuntu release. Had problems with the old one as firefox struggled with the flash player (not a major problem since I block it on most sites anyway), but it's nice that it works properly now on the pages I do decide to let it run on.
  • New purple color scheme on Ubuntu. I know, a stupid thing to get excited about, but I really love it.
  • Seeing my cousin next Friday (hopefully, she hasn't actually agreed yet) and going shopping with a friend next Saturday for a fascinator and possibly going out after.
  • Birthday presents. Got Nana mangas from my bf and just finished the first one of those. Love them! It's the only manga I read, but I am addicted. Plus, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, playing it together with bf. Tons of fun! Though we keep accidentally killing each other. Meh, still fun.
All in all a good week behind me and a good week ahead. What else can I ask for?


  1. Got to love a week that starts off with an extra day off!

  2. Agreed! Though I am bummed that I have to go today on Tuesday, it's so nice to think that the week is basically already over and Friday just around the corner.

  3. Uh which chocolate did you use? I know Soy Milk can be quite thin.. I might need to try these things with almond milk which is nicer anyway...hmmmm

  4. I used Zotter drinking chocolate. They had about five different flavors. One was dark chocolate which might be suitable to your needs. Deffo check it out. It's really nice.