Saturday, 8 May 2010

We made it!

We finally arrived in Canada. It wasn't the smoothest flight I had hoped for. The plane we were supposed to fly on arrived late so we didn't start boarding till noon which was supposed to be our take-off time. They rushed us all into the plane, which was fine by me. But after being on it for a bit they announced that we had missed our take-off window and had to wait two and a  half hours for the next, but since they hoped to squeeze us in sometime before that we weren't allowed to leave the plane.

Luckily they had the entertainment system on so we could start to watch some movies. I think we ended up taking off at two o'clock, so really we were just waiting for over an hour in the plane. Still annoying. Next surprise was the ever present ash cloud. Some UK airports were actually closed the day before. So we had to take a little detour over Spain and Portugal instead of heading straight over Ireland and Iceland. That added another hour to our flight time.

I really don't wanna complain too much though. The staff was really nice and they hurried out drinks for us and once we were airborne they ushered out the food. One nice thing was because we came in so late bf's dad was able to pick us up at the airport instead of taking a cab or *gasp* public transport. Got a nice Tim Hortons double double and off we were.

Next treat they gave us was some really nice sushi. Loved it. Pretty much went to bed straight after because I was exhausted.

Today is reserved for a birthday. We will go to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate. LOL. I love it! Good trip so far!


  1. Geez..via Spain and Portugal?! Ouch. But glad you've made it and celebrated with SUSHI!!! WOHOOO! :D

    How's the weather?

  2. The weather is... well, not so good. Yesterday it was sunny to begin with but then we had lots of rain. Today seems to be the same. But what was cool we had big thunderstorms Friday night. I love thunderstorms!

  3. Ugh, sounds terrible. i've had my fair share of plane mishaps too.
    But it's all over now! Hopefully the return flight goes smoothly, and that you enjoy your time in Canada :)

  4. Thanks -phx-

    To be honest I am not too bothered about the return flight. If we get stuck here and I can't get back to work for awhile, that won't be too terrible now, would it?!?