Monday, 31 May 2010

Not much going on

Not much going on at the moment. Just plucking away at work. Enjoying a three day weekend at the moment. Gotta love bank holidays. The British just decided to throw in some random days during spring/summer to have off. Always on a Monday. Works for me!

Basically used Saturday to mope around at home. Didn't do much of anything. Sunday we actually made it out the door. Bf wanted to check out the iPad. So we did that. Looks fine to me. Nothing that has to be purchased immediately though. Puttered around at HMV for awhile and then headed to Regent's Park. Was all nice and sunny but really windy. Didn't stay much longer than an hour since I got cold. 

I had picked up some drinking chocolate earlier and decided to make it at home to warm up. Really yummy. It was one of those little bars you drop into a glass of hot milk, wait for about 1 or 2 minutes and then stir like crazy. Delicious. And it felt really nice to warm up after being blown away in the park.

Today will be hanging around in the house again. Weather is windy, might start to rain, very cloudy and not really warm. Perfect excuse to use this extra day to stay inside and not do much of anything.

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