Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wedding Pictures

I decided to post a few wedding pictures. Everybody put them on Facebook anyway so I don't feel bad doing it.

Here is the lovely couple at church. Notice all the windmills the bridemaids are carrying. The boy in the front is carrying a Mister Potato Head toy. It opens up and has the rings hidden inside. Smart way keep him occupied during the ceremony AND make sure the rings stay close-by.

The professional photographers probably have a better image but this is as close as I got without stepping into the muddy field in my good shoes. Remember those wellies the bride brought with her? Yeah, they were covered in mud afterwards.

The wedding party waiting for their next posing assignment.

Walking towards the photographers.

It's windy in Canada!

I don't really have that many more pictures. The ones in the evening didn't turn out good. Not sure why, but none of them are in focus. That usually happens when I take pictures in 'fake' lighting as opposed to in the sun. Don't know exactly what I am doing wrong there. Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of the wedding despite my lack in photography skills.

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