Sunday, 2 May 2010

Accessorize me!

As I might have mentioned before, I will be going to two weddings pretty darn soon. I have the dress, the shoes and the cardigan. Now all I need is to accessorize (is that a word?). I am not 100% sure what to go with and since I never do this I figured I might get some help from my lovely readers (especially thinking of Dani here who has a really good eye for those kind of things). 

This is what my dress looks like:

Not the best quality but you get the idea. I may or may not wear the belt with it. Usually not a big fan of that, but it does look nice.

Then I have a little purse which I stole ... em borrowed from my sister.

The two reds don't clash at all and I think it will look rather nice together. I do have a black purse that I could take but it's not as nice and more chunky.

Then I have a couple of red pieces I thought about wearing. I have a hair tie with a red flower attached to it. Since I will probably just wear a ponytail that should work fine. And then there are some red bracelets I could wear. Both property of my sister. She got those two and the bag for my brothers wedding. So I am 'recycling':

This is the hair tie which I think is really cute.

These are the bracelets. Not so sure about those. They'll be noisy and probably annoying, so not sure whether I will wear those. Opinions always welcome!

So here is the rest of the jewellery which I may or may not wear. This is basically all the jewellery I own. For the fun of it I will throw it all out there and you can pick the pieces you think will go good together and with the dress. Don't hold back. Some of them as  you will see are out of the question. But I included them anyway just for the fun of it! 

Hair pieces:

HP1: I think I picked these dragons up when I was in the states to wear to my junior prom. But don't really remember. I love them, but they are heavy and tend to fall out of my fine hair.

HP2: Picked these up in the States as well. I think at Claire's. It's missing the third one which has a pink stone in it.


N1: My dad made this one for me when I was a little girl. I think it was when he was on Crete without the rest of the family.

N2: Cannot remember where this is from. It's a really long one.

N3: Love this one! Bought it last year to wear with a black&white dress to go to one of bf's company dinners.

N4: Hm, I think I got this one from my host mom. Not sure though.

N5: Picked this pendant up at Camden Market.

N6: Got this one from my parents for my 17th birthday. I was in the States and they mailed it over. It came with a different necklace, but that one ripped. For some reason I always rip them because they get stuck to my hair at the back of my neck and then I find the pendants in my bra. *sigh*

N7: I'm a Chinese water boar! Can't remember where I bought this though.

N8: This is from Scotland. Got it in one of the many souvenir stores in the Highlands.

N9: My older sister made this in Arts&Crafts class at school when she was younger.


E1: I had my ears re-pierced a few years back because they kept getting infections when I was a kid. So I really didn't start wearing earrings till I was in my 20s. But I am still not wearing them often. On the day I had them pierced I got a little mad and bought some weird earrings. This is one of those pairs.

E2: This is another pair of those! You can't see it, but these turtles are actually pretty big. Only wore them once.

E3: The little small black ones are the earrings I had my ears pierced with. The others my little sister gave me for my birthday. Unfortunately one of the stones fell out. Wore these to my older sister's wedding.

E4: Got these last year. Don't think I have worn these yet.

E5: Got these together with E3. I like the really pale turquoise.

E6: Love these little leaves. Got them together with the previous two.

E7: Also got them with the previous one. Find them a little bit annoying to wear because of their size.

E8: Got these with the first ones. They have silver glitter all over them and they are really heavy. Hardly ever wear them.

E9: Got them in my last year of uni. I had bought a dark purple summer dress that had some white flowers on it. They look really good together!

E10: Wore these to one of bf's company events. Had to take them off after a few hours because they are kinda heavy. Really like the color though.

E11: (You still with me? Thanks!) Just a selection of smaller earrings. Might go for the black ones?

E12: Got these from a friend for Christmas before I even had my ears pierced! I liked them though, so I kept them.


B1: Just a simple one I picked up for one of bf's company things.

B2: This one I still got at uni. It's really big and chunky.

B3: This one is really fine in contrast. I got this from a Polish exchange student who stayed with us for two weeks in high school.

B4: These are my summer ones made out of wood. They are comfy and nice.


Just a pile of all the rings I own. Or at least the ones I took to London. Though I think this is it. The one on the right my Dad brought me as a present from Crete. The other ones I bought myself, some at uni and the orange one at high school.

See how I cleverly gave everything a number? So, please, please let me know what you think about what I should be wearing with this particular dress. We also have a rehearsal dinner. Not sure what I will be wearing for that, but probably a black skirt with either a black blouse or a red/flowery blouse. Opinions on that welcome as well.

And because this has been so much fun tomorrow I might open my make-up bag and show you what I got in there! (Not to worry, don't have that much. Even though I did buy some for these weddings.)

Looking forward to all your comments!

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  1. Uhhhh, loving your collection. I think the few pieces you have picked already look fantastic and will probably be enough however, if you had a fascinator in black, that would just add a little extra Weddiny-feel ;) But of course you don't have to and the bracelets, hair band and clutch will all do just fine because the dress will do the talking. Wear a black ring or black earrings with it and you're done. :D