Thursday, 29 April 2010

Things I love Thursday

Is it Thursday again?!?!? Weeks are just flying by, can't believe it.

  • Bank holiday weekend coming up! Three day weekends are awesome!
  • Short working week after that. Monday off and Friday off. Gotta love it.
  • New shoes! Very simple ones from Office. Black ballerinas. They are called Mary-Jane. Is that a style? I love the inside of them most, all flowery.
  • My mom on facebook. Ok, not sure about that one yet. Thinking about making an exclusive list for my mom where I can control what she sees and what not.   ;-)  Anyone any opinions on this? 
  • My new books. Still flying through them. So good! Seriously thinking about hitting the library after Canada. Spending way too much money on books. And they take up too much space in our apartment.
  • Pay-day! Everyday should be pay-day!
  • Spring. Weather is just brilliant. Today was the first 'bad' day in two weeks. It's cloudy and humid. But still warm. I don't mind at all, but people start complaining.
  • Lunch breaks. Have been doing a lot of window shopping the last few days. Will continue to do so as I am really enjoying myself.

It's been a pretty uneventful week. Still trying to get ready for the weddings. But can't wait till tomorrow. Kick-off for the long weekend!

PS: Stolen from this blog.


  1. I have a list for family members/other people I don't want to see everything - definitely recommend it :)

    Mary Jane is the name of a style of shoe with a round toe and a strap across the ankle or the top of the foot. They were originally pretty low-heeled but now you get them from everything from flats right up to high high heels. (I used to work for Schuh so I had to know my stuff ;) )

  2. Good idea with the lists. I already have that for people from work. Now will have to manage family. I sometimes wonder if it's all worth the trouble.

    I like Schuh. Sometimes wonder if they have any type of German connection. I think the first time I stumbled upon them was in Scotland. Was very confused by their name.

  3. Hallo!
    Wie kommt es mit all Euern japanischen Namen? Suesses Nilpferd und saure Pflaume und so?
    Hyotenka ist uebrigens eine Bekannte von mir!

    Oyasuminasai von


  4. Weiß auch nicht. Lern grad japanisch nebenher. Fast alle blogs, die ich lese haben was mit Japan zu tun. Von daher schien es passend zumindest den Blogtitel etwas japanisch anzuhauchen.
    Ah, Hyotenka's blog finde ich klasse! Habe es sehr genossen mir ihre ganzen Winterbilder anzuschaun. Hier in London kann man von sowas ja nur träumen...