Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hanami... in Regents Park

We had kind of a rough start to the weekend. Went out for drinks after work. Just a couple in the courtyard of a nice little pub. We then decided to take the bus home. Nothing unusual about that. Since the pub we went to was very crowded we decided not to hit the loo and just be quick on the way home. Boy, what a mistake. After about 3/4 of the way the bus stopped in a huge line and nothing went anywhere. After about five minutes of this I got impatient and kicked bf and me off the bus. I slipped into a pub nearby but bf decided that it was too sketch to go into. Geesh, thanks a lot to let me in there. Anyhow, felt sooooo much better afterwards. Bladder was happy again and I was happy to walk the rest of the way home. After we passed all the buses in front of ours we saw what was holding them all up. There was an accident up ahead. Looked like somebody took a cyclist with him. Not pretty. We walked on and made it home ok. 

I thought that would be the biggest excitement of the day. All was fine and we headed to bed. At about 4am we were both sitting up straight in bed. There was the loudest bang. Sounded like someone was jumping into their door or something. That was repeated over and over again. Bf was close to calling police, but I figured it's probably a drunken neighbor who had forgotten his keys and now tried to get back home. Since I didn't really feel like investigating (don't like encounters with drunks, they might be violent, and I mean this guy seemed to be running into his door by the sounds of it) I told him not to and tried to go back to sleep. The banging stopped after about five minutes. But I didn't really go back to sleep neither did bf. I guess the adrenaline rush kept us awake. So annoying. But nevertheless the sun came out and it's a beautiful day so I won't complain too much.

Later on I met up with a friend in Camden and we went to Regents Park for a walk. Inspired by all the blogs about Japan that I am reading I took some pictures of the cherry blossoms. Well, to be honest, I have no idea whether those are cherry blossoms or not. Could be anything really. But they were pretty so I don't care!

This one was really strange. The woman underneath the tree kept grabbing some twigs and shaking them. The petals would float all around the two dogs and the guy would take pictures. I wonder what they were shooting for. 'Hounds&Dogs'?

As you can see the sun tried to peak through the clouds. Most of the time it was successful but for some reason when I took most pictures it was cloudy.

Hope you are enjoying my 'fake' flower viewing pictures. Enjoy your weekends, it's gorgeous outside!


  1. Why 'fake"? you think the cyclist was ok? :S

  2. 'Fake' as in in England people don't usually go flower viewing.

    I doubt the cyclist was ok. The police closed the road and had tape everywhere. I think the cyclist is pretty much gone from this world. The windshield looked pretty banged up. Must have hit the cyclist/pedestrian at pretty high speed. We tried to pass it quickly and not look at it too much. Was no pretty sight.

  3. Hanami is hanami no matter where you do it! We're heading back to Scotland at the start of May for a trip and I'm hoping that like last year the blossoms are in full force!

    I hope the woman got some good pics of her dogs among the falling blossoms ;)

  4. I am sure the woman got some good shots. The man seemed to have a really good camera. One of the dogs just looked a bit confused. It wanted to eat them. The other was all pro and didn't move a muscle.

    Wow, is Scotland really that far behind with its blossoms. I stayed in Glasgow a few years back. It was by no means a place I would call warm, but I didn't think spring came that late. Then again, winter lasted unusually long this year. Best of luck to you! I think you'll have a good chance to see them!

  5. (first comment, hello!)
    Wow, our sakura here bloomed really early! We did our hanami mid-March, and now they're all gone :(
    Nice to see pictures of them still blooming elsewhere tho!

  6. Thanks for reading my blog, and thanks for commenting. The blossoms here are just starting to come. Everyday I see a bit more. Can't wait for our neighboring streets to turn white/pink!

  7. Yep, those are indeed cherry blossoms!


    ps. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  8. I wasn't sure. But thanks for the confirmation. Good to know I was looking at the correct blossoms ;-)

  9. Ah now that I look it was actually the last week in April that we were there, so maybe we'll be too late this time...