Monday, 19 April 2010

Rounding up the weekend

On Sunday bf and I decided that we had been lazy slobs the last week and should go to his work and work/study hard. So we left the house at 8 and about half an hour later. Got a good four hours of studying done. Well, I mainly prepared a little presentation about my Easter holiday for Japanese class (which I still have to type up since my handwriting is horrible) and did the self-check list for our last term. This is the list where I always discover that I have not paid attention in class and that I have no idea what's going on. But I managed to translate all the sentences into Japanese (over 30). Ok, so I had to look lots of things up, but I figured it was still good practise and better than not doing anything at all. Classes start again tomorrow after a month break. I am really excited about it, but also a bit scared. Haven't really studied much the last two terms. I feel like I am falling behind. Really need to get off my ass and do something. But I say it all the time and nothing ever happens. I need some motivation!

Anyway, the whole getting up out of the house and studying was a good start to the day. Got a message from one of our friends whether we wanted to go have Sunday roast with her and maybe go to the park. Thought that was an excellent idea since we were starving. So we packed everything up and headed out to meat her. We managed to get a seat outside at a pub. The food we had was delicious. Afterwards we headed over to Hampstead Heath and got us a nice place way up the hill. Such a beautiful view of London. And the weather was just amazing. Must have been 20 degrees or more. Pure bliss. And I thought it was really funny because we were basically exactly on the opposite side of London than the day before. I wish I could have taken pictures. But because I thought we were only going to study I didn't bring it. But I dragged all of my study materials around town. That was a good work-out!

I must say this was one of my best weekends this year so far. The weather was just perfect. I didn't have any plans, but was really busy! I loved the exploring on Saturday and then how Sunday ended really lazy. More of those weekends please.

Today of course back to work. I sometimes wish I would blog more during the week. But there really isn't anything to blog about. I get up early, go to work, come home, eat, surf the net for a bit and then head to bed. Pretty boring stuff. Once a week I go to class, but that's basically the only exciting thing I do. 

Ok, should start catching up on the TV shows I missed...


  1. I would like to point out two things I thought were a bit funny:

    1. So we left the house at 8 and about half an hour later.

    2. So we packed everything up and headed out to meat her.

    What is wrong with these two sentences. First right answer gets a smily face. :p

    No really, I like Hampstead Heath. We once made it up there..dunno how or why but it was pretty. Would've been MUCH better if the weather had been nice... it feels like this was ages ago anyway. *sigh* ... I'm getting old.. :(

  2. LOL. That's what a tired mind does to you (almost spelt dose). yeah, don't do spell checks and don't read through my posts again... too lazy. sorry, have to put up with that...