Thursday, 22 April 2010

Things I love Thursday...

I realise I am not doing this every week, but I today I feel like it. 

  • New books. Went to Waterstones yesterday and picked up three goodies. Already 50 pages into the first one and loving it so far. Also picked up the new book by Elizabeth George last week. Read it every night before going to bed. Really good so far. Usually I would take it to work and read on the train, but it's a hardback and I hate dragging those around with me all the time.
  • New shoes! The weather is getting nicer and nicer so my thoughts turned to summer and shoes. I usually have problems with them as I get blisters in all of mine (even in Birkenstocks, don't know how I manage that). Today I picked up some canvas pumps. Hoping for a blister free summer with these!
  • Volcanic ash settling down. We are going to Canada in about two weeks. Very glad the planes are flying again.
  • Sunshine! Had the most amazing weekend. Spent most of it outside. Hoping for something similar this weekend.
  • Healthy eating. Was very good. Some slip-ups on the weekend but nothing too bad. Really enjoying the whole portion control and healthy eating thing. My desk is covered in fruits though. When I get hungry I either eat a pear or a banana. Helps a lot!
  • Making plans for bank holiday weekends. Don't know if we will end up doing any of it. But it's fun coming up with cool possibilities.
  • Being smile-and-noddy. I could be super-stressed at work at the moment, but I smile and nod and everything is fine. Aaaah...
  • Tea-breaks. When it gets too loud in the office, I go and make tea for everyone. Gives me a break and everyone loves me...
  • Going back to Japanese class. At first I thought it would suck and I wouldn't know anything, but then it was ok. I mean, I don't know everything, but was absolutely fine following the lesson and remembered stuff from my earlier terms. Phew. Had a really fun time!
That's about it this week. Maybe there will be more next week. Hope you are all having a good day and are enjoying spring as much as I do!

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