Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Pictures

There are not that many Easter pictures. I wanted to take a lot on the actual Easter egg hunt. But then it poured rain in the morning so my parents decided there would be no hunt. Very disappointed. I remember when I was a kid that it happened a few times, but then we at least got to hunt for eggs in our living room. They didn't even bother waking me and bf and my sister and husband. So disappointed. I would have hidden the eggs for my nephew! Ah well, I am going to let it slide.

There are also no pictures from the Easter fire. Same reason pretty much. We didn't stay outside too long. Only a couple of hours and half the time we were hiding under a canopy my dad had put up for that reason. I love staring into the fire when it burns down, but this year it wasn't really meant to be. We had some nice hot cappuccino inside though and cuddled in the living room with the dogs and had some quality canasta games. Didn't do that in a looooong time. That made up for the disappointing weather. 

Let's get to the pictures I actually have. Here our eggs are boiling slowly in the pot. I think we boiled almost 30 eggs.

This is the color we used. It's cold color. Just has to be mixed with some water and vinegar. Throw in the still hot eggs...
... et voilĂ  Easter eggs!

Here are about half our eggs. Don't you just love looking at them? We polished them with some sunflower oil.

This is a 1.3kg chocolate bunny that my sister got for my dad. Oh my gosh, it is just so huge, don't know how he is going to finish that. My mom tried to sneak it into my bags to take home, but I didn't have any of that.

These are already the most exciting pictures. There are countless pics of my mom's dogs. We counted 12 at the moment. But who knows, that it changing constantly. She actually sold a puppy last Saturday, but kept one of them. They are Tibetian Spaniels. The cutest things. Sometimes I wish I had a dog too. But that would be too cruel to have it in our studio flat. Here she is. Little Bina Colada. Yeah, yeah, stupid name. I call her Biene (bee). Much nicer.

She looks much cuter in real life. I'm not really good at taking pictures. 

Here you can see her face a little bit better. I wanted to get a frontal view, because she has a brown patch over one eye and then the rest of her face is mainly white. Ah well, next time. But then she will be a big dog!

That's pretty much it. Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holidays!


  1. Oooh Easter Eggs.. I remember.. I loved easter so much when I was a child because I loved eggs so much :D *lol*... Can't wait to have Lime hunting for them.. you can join us then if you like! :p

  2. Would love to! Maybe I can color some eggs too. Though I haven't seen any colors here so far...

  3. Yeah well..I'm not even sure what we're going to hide....plastic eggs and probably chocolate bunnies *lol*

  4. Hm, chocolate bunnies sounds alright to me! Can always hide some fruit and vegetables. I am thinking apples, pears, tomatoes, mango. anything with a splash of color! Will be very special Easter!