Sunday, 25 April 2010

Camera Issues

Just came home from a long hard day at work. Well, scratch the long and hard, but I did come home from work on a Sunday. Actually wasn't too bad. Nothing stressful happened and it means I am off on Tuesday. Cannot wait for that. Might try to go to the hairdresser, but will probably be too lazy and just hang out online all day. 

Yesterday the weather was amazing yet again. So we decided to go outside and go book shopping. Yay! We made it to Foyles which is my favorite bookshop here in London. I restrained myself and only bought two books. But they are stocked really well. Could have bought at least 20 books there. The ones you usually can't find at other stores. And everything is nicely ordered by topic. I love that. Could browse through it all day.

After that we went to eat some Ramen. Was really delicious. I planned to take some pictures, but had some SD card issues. I had the same card since I got the camera. It is probably about five years old now. All of a sudden it didn't let me take any more pictures. Told me the card was full even though I had deleted all pictures after putting them on my computer last. So no pictures... 

After Ramen we went to a tiny park near the Embankment and read a little bit in our new books. Didn't stay too long because I got hot so we went home and I googled my problem. Apparently all I have to do is format my SD card in my camera. Did that, no problem have all my memory back. It's just weird because in five years I never had to do that before. Weird, weird, weird. 

Not excited about going to work tomorrow. Mondays are always stressful. But having Tuesday off will help me through the week. I love it when I don't have a full working week. The week after that one will be even shorter. Bank holiday on Monday and then I am off from Friday. Please no more volcanic outbreaks, need to catch our flight to Canada.

Right, I am off to make myself another Lemsip. My throat hurts horribly, my neck is really stiff and my lower back and legs are in pain. Don't know how I did it again. But as soon as the weather starts to  be nice and warm I get a cold. Well done. Let's hope I have it out of my system before the wedding. Otherwise my red nose might compete with my red dress. Sigh.


  1. I was just about to say "format it!" when I re-read and saw you'd done it. I had a similar problem and thought I'd lost all my holiday pics a while back.

    Hope you don't get sick before you go! And we will similarly be hoping for the volcano to stay quiet as we are flying into the uk next week!

  2. I just wish I had figured out the formatting option when I was out and about. Ah well, at least nothing is broken.

    Actually feel much better today. I guess all the Lemsip worked. Now all that's left is for the volcano to stay quiet. So far so good. I think all the flights over here are operating normal. Fingers crossed!