Saturday, 17 April 2010

Greenwich Trip

I had complained to my lovely bf the last couple of weeks that we always stayed in on the weekend and never did anything. Not even something as mundane as a little walk around the neighborhood. So today he wanted to make up for it and we went to Greenwich.

The weather is really good at the moment. Clear skies as far as you can see. No planes interrupting the blue (thanks to Iceland's volcano for this). The wind is still a bit chilly. But it's spring, so I don't expect much. It was a lovely day. We walked up to the Royal Observatory and Planetarium. Didn't spend that much time there but we had a good look around and on some of the exhibitions we did the whole touch and do thing. They had a showing at the planetarium while we were there but we decided not to do that because the weather was just too nice to be missed. I took some great pictures of East London from the hill. The view was just amazing.

After that we went back to the town center, grabbed some drinks and sat between the Naval Academy buildings. The squares and old buildings reminded me of Paris. It was really peaceful.

 At some point a fire alarm in one of the buildings went off. That's when we decided to go grab some lunch somewhere. Bf had spotted a Pizza Express earlier and wanted to go. Since that looked really packed we decided to go to the Mexican next door. It was a good decision! I had the vegetarian Enchiladas and bf the spicy beef. Really good. Also had a nice cocktail. 

We stayed for a bit after and did some people watching. I love doing that. Now that the sun is out some people just go full out and dress hilarious! No pictures sorry.

We had planned to take the Thames river boat back. But then the guy in front was really  unfriendly so we decided to take the tunnel underneath the Thames and just hit up a bus. DLR wasn't running due to some building works. The lifts for the tunnel are old-style with wood planks on the side. They look really good. Anyway, we managed to grab a bus back to Canary Wharf from there and hop back on DLR. East London in that area looks so different to where we life. There are construction site everywhere and the buildings tend to be modern with lots of glass, metal and concrete. In the sunlight it all looks really beautiful. There is lots of water and little boats, and this time around I noticed a lot of parks and trees. Greenery in general was abundant. I didn't remember it being so nice from the last time I was there, which is a few years back. They really build the area up.

Now we are back home and just relaxing. Might do some reading now. Or drink some of the yummy juice we bought. Nothing special. We just never have juice in the house. So when we actually get some it's something special to me. 

Everybody enjoy your weekends!


  1. Your're photos look really sharp with great colours, what camera are you using?

    Anyway.. I remember seeing that Mexican? How were the Enchiladas? We love Enchiladas. I know they probably have cheese on them but was there anything else in them that I shouldn't have? And were they very spicy?

    Well.. YAY for the lovely day :D

    Enjoy your juice. (You've probably finished it by now :p)

  2. I use a Nikon Coolpix 4200. I really like it. Very easy to use. It's kinda old now. bf HTC Desire has more pixel than I. I still like my camera better ;-)

    I had the veggie enchilada. As far as I could tell there were the obvious cheese and sour cream. I am not sure whether there might have been sour cream inside the enchilada as well. I love the stuff so I put it all over mine anyway. But I thought the sauce was creamy. Then again, should be no reason why they couldn't make it without it.

    The thing wasn't spicy at all. I guess you can ask for spicy, but I didn't. The only spicy bit was a slice of chilli that was put on top of it.

    Only half way through the juice. Got a big box of that...